Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sorry it’s taken so long to write this up.

Above is the picture that Beth took on April 22, 2009 of me holding the basket I felted. It is based on a worsted weight knitting basket by Lucia Tedesco on Ravelry. Here is the link:

I used a little less than six skeins of Bernat’s Felting Natural Wool (a chunky yarn) and a #11 needle. Because of misunderstanding the directions, the bottom was increased to 126 stitches instead of 120. Except for that and knitting the sides for fifteen or sixteen inches (directions said thirteen) before binding off and on for the handles, I followed the directions.

Since Beth took the picture, I felted the basket again and it is currently drying.


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Anonymous said...

I hope you do a follow-up post to show the re-felted result!

Beth said...

The bag is wonderful, Ruth!