Friday, October 12, 2007

Now I Have A Question

Ok, so we all know how yarn has different weights and what that means. For instance, worsted-weight is usually labeled a "4" on the package of yarn and usually requires sizes 6-7-8 needles, or thereabouts.

The Elmore-Pisgah webstore sells A LOT more than just Peaches N' Cream yarn. Some of the stuff is to DIE for! Seriously, check out the rayon chenille. DROOL. Anyway, they also sell some other types of cotton yarn, which I think is primarily used in crochet. But the weights are listed differently. So my question is what is a size 5 cotton (or size 10)? I think they get thinner as the numbers get higher. At least it looks that way. But they have a kit where you can knit a back scrubber and a washcloth using this "size 5" cotton (I WANT IT) ! But I just don't know what the deal is with that weight number. Anyone know what this means?


Peaches N' Cream

Hey folks:

Here is the online webstore for the Peaches N' Cream yarn:

If anyone is interested in placing an order, just let me know. Cones are only $6.64!! You can get a 4-pack of the balls (in one colorway) for just $5.08. Single balls are $1.50. Still cheaper than the stores, I think.

Also, here is the site that I mentioned that had a zillion Addi Turbo needle sizes and for cheaper than I've seen anywhere else. Also free shipping!

Ha ha, I'm giving away all my knitting shopping secrets! You guys won't even need me anymore! (sniff, sniff)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am showing Ruth how to do a link.

I'm entering the 21st Century!

Hi Everyone ~ Just testing this out. I made it through the password process. See you all tonight at B&N. I'm not working on a washcloth this evening! lw

Sunday, October 7, 2007

before everyone freaks out, i guess i'm registered as mellisande on this, despite how marsha set it up. i was messing around a while ago and set up a blog under that name. i guess google remembers. anyway, it's me, ann, mingdom, whatever.
what fun having our own blog.

i started working that lace yarn you gave me, marsha. unfortunately i discovered the pattern is entrelac, which i thought, oh, no problem, i can figure this out. i'm ending up with holes that i don't think are going to get filled in - and they are not part of the lace pattern. does anyone have a suggestion for the best book on entrelac? i'm bound and determined to do this. i think i'm just not figuring out the second step of the process.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Wallaby Issues

Well, here's* the Wonderful Wallaby on Buttons (as I refer to her in my blog) and I'm seeing that the sleeves are farrrrr too long. Hmmph. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I need to cut the knitting at the cuff, rip up and then pick up stitches and knit down in the seed stitch. I think most of you are familiar with the pattern or have at least seen me knitting it long enough to know that it's knit in the round and then the sleeves are added and it's again knit in the round up to the placket. I will need help and moral support as I do this. If y'all say I can, that is. Thoughts?

*Sorry the pics are sideways, but it either that or no pictures. If you go here, they are rotated correctly in my blog.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Hello, everyone! Here is a brand spankin' new blog for us all to share! Enjoy!