Thursday, January 5, 2012

Knitting Night - First Wednesday 2012

Hi, All,

Linda, Ruth and I had the pleasure of knitting together last night. I can't promise a detailed write-up after each of our gatherings, but I thought it would be fun to at least post a photo each time.

Ruth was working on a charity project, a scarf for Special Olympics. She wisely chose the softer of the two acceptable yarns for the project, Red Heart Soft. It's not as wide as she had hoped, so will be adding a crocheted edge.

Linda worked on a dishcloth. She also has another small project in the works. Sarah requested a warm headband for chilly Pittsburgh and sent a photo to mom. Of course Linda jumped right on the opportunity to design and knit for her daughter. Linda is working up her own variation of a pattern she found on Ravelry to match the photo from Sarah. Linda wants to take copious notes as she knits that project and will require a more quiet atmosphere than us at B&N. Greg can help her with that.

I worked on the final step of the shrug for my niece. It has a ruffle around it that is taking way longer to knit than I expected.

We all had some good laughs, especially on our way out the door. For me it was one of those laughs that made my belly hurt. Now I can't even remember what was so funny, but it had something to do with 'Words With Friends". Last night I introduced Ruth to the app. She immediately downloaded and is currently beating me 122 - 18. I'm no longer laughing ;).


travlinruth said...

I'm not really that good...just was lucky to use all my letters on the first round and got great letters on the next pick.

Katie J said...

Sorry I missed it! Glad you all had fun!

Katie J said...

Sorry I missed it! Glad you all had fun!

dfs0716 said...

I'm sorry I missed you all. Was pooped that night.

I'm so glad to see posts to the blog!

Happy new year, all!

Joanne said...

Hi... A message to dsf0716. Sorry, I don't have your email address to respond directly. I've written to a woodworker and asked about the possibility and the cost of making a wooden box to sort needles. I'll let you know if anything comes from it.
joanne @ jconklin . com