Monday, June 2, 2014

Several of us made amigurumi.  Here is my peacock following the directions from Larah Uyeda.

I also completed the Peggy Straker Gretel sweater using Paton's Classic Wool.  I had made the sweater many years ago in pink.


Marsha said...

I really love how both of these projects turned out. The knit stitch on the top of the sweater is surprisingly soft and squishy!

Beth said...

What an adorable peacock!
The sweater turned out awesome too. I remember knitting the same sweater pattern years ago for my niece.

Me said...

The color of the sweater really shows up beautifully in this photo. It's such a lovely sweater.

The peacock is absolutely adorable. You are a brave woman for attempting something with so many separate parts!

dfs0716 said...

both very nice, Ruth!