Thursday, April 10, 2008


i love to read almost as much as i love to knit. i don't think i can confine this list to just a few books that have really touched me. i'll try to keep it down. i can never remember authors but i have all these books if anyone wants to borrow them.

A Fine Balance is a moving story of life in india.

the vanishing of esme lennox - is recent and a bit disturbing but still a moving story of triumph. i still get shivers every now and then as a bit it of come into my memory.

garden spells - fun and quick.

robert ruark - something of value - omg. older book about the maumau (sp?) revolution in africa
cloud atlas - there are two by different authors. very different but both good reads

anything by ayn rand. who is john galt?

anything by leon uris.

ok. i'm getting carried away here. i'll stop.

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