Friday, October 12, 2007

Now I Have A Question

Ok, so we all know how yarn has different weights and what that means. For instance, worsted-weight is usually labeled a "4" on the package of yarn and usually requires sizes 6-7-8 needles, or thereabouts.

The Elmore-Pisgah webstore sells A LOT more than just Peaches N' Cream yarn. Some of the stuff is to DIE for! Seriously, check out the rayon chenille. DROOL. Anyway, they also sell some other types of cotton yarn, which I think is primarily used in crochet. But the weights are listed differently. So my question is what is a size 5 cotton (or size 10)? I think they get thinner as the numbers get higher. At least it looks that way. But they have a kit where you can knit a back scrubber and a washcloth using this "size 5" cotton (I WANT IT) ! But I just don't know what the deal is with that weight number. Anyone know what this means?


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cindybmw2004 said...

Size yarns are cotton "crochet" yarns. Think of doilys. :) I call them crochet threads....not something I work in at all. But everyone has their "options". LOL Depends on what you are doing with them, but they use the small hooks in "number" sizes. Hopes that helps! :) Take care my friend .