Friday, October 12, 2007

Peaches N' Cream

Hey folks:

Here is the online webstore for the Peaches N' Cream yarn:

If anyone is interested in placing an order, just let me know. Cones are only $6.64!! You can get a 4-pack of the balls (in one colorway) for just $5.08. Single balls are $1.50. Still cheaper than the stores, I think.

Also, here is the site that I mentioned that had a zillion Addi Turbo needle sizes and for cheaper than I've seen anywhere else. Also free shipping!

Ha ha, I'm giving away all my knitting shopping secrets! You guys won't even need me anymore! (sniff, sniff)


Beth said...

Thanks Gina I definitely want to order an Addi from the site. Does anyone want to order together or should we just do it on our own due to no shipping charges?

Gina said...

Hey Beth! I need to assess what I have and see what I still need, by way of Addi Needles. I do need a few, though.

Kenisha said...

Good words.