Saturday, December 8, 2007

Afghans 4 Afghans

One of our knitting buddies has asked that we knit 45" long, garter stitch strips which she will seam together to create baby blankets. These blankets will be donated to the Afghans for Afghans project. I've already knit one strip using odd colors of Cottage Crafts yarn that has been hanging around the house for many years. 45" of garter stitch takes more yarn than I expected but such mindless knitting is a pleasure.

My next baby afghan strip is going to be knit using mainly yarns that I think of as "unspun"; yarns that are very lightly plied and have termendous loft. I have a small basket stuffed full of this yarn; it's not enough of one color for more than a small hat or pair of mittens but just perfect for this strip project. I thought you might enjoy a photo or two of the yarn prior to its being knit.

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Katie J said...

Wahoo Pat! Thanks for the post! Please post some pics during the project.