Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free to good homes

A few years ago, I worked for an organization that has huge archives on stuff on the history of chemistry and the molecular sciences. While I was there, IUPAC (The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) donated their archives to my organization. The stuff came from Oxford, England, in a couple hundred moving boxes, several dozen of which I brought home to use for moving into my house.

The papers were filed in these "Hunt File Boxes" (which were made by Hunts Office Equipment Group in Oxford but are no long manufactured by anyone, it seems). The archivists at my organization were keeping the papers but discarding the boxes, so anyone who wanted them was allowed to bring them home. I couldn't bear to see such sturdy boxes tossed into the trash, so I brought some home. Actually, I brought a lot of them home--two or four at a time on the subway and the R5.

I've found these useful for storing magazines, papers, crafting supplies, and all sorts of stuff. But I have far more of these than I'll ever need (and I don't have the shelf space to accommodate them), so I need to find new homes for the surplus.

Dimensions are 14.75" tall, 9.75" wide, and 3" deep. The frame of each box file is actually made of wood, the fronts and backs are very thick pressboard. The interiors are covered with a marbled paper, and the exteriors are covered with book cloth. The boxes are very stuy and are in excellent condition; they can be stacked on a shelf vertically or on top of each other horizontally.

If you want some of these boxes, please let me know. (I have dozens of them, so there are plenty to go around.) I'll bring one to knitting next week so you can see it in person.


Katie J said...

I'm definitely interested Marsha!

Pshorten said...

I'm interested also!

Ruth W said...

I would love to have several of them, as well. It might help me organize some of the patterns that seem to be flying around the house.
Ruth F.
Is it Wegman's for sure?