Sunday, February 3, 2008

A visit from my secret groundhog pal

Even though yesterday's Groundhog Day party got canceled--and even though Phil says we've got six more weeks of winter--I still managed to have a great Groundhog Day.

Jan, Sylvia, and I went out to lunch with an old friend (whom we haven't seen in six years because he now lives in Yakima). When we returned, I checked our mailbox and found another gift from my secret pal. A beautiful card (with a woodcut that reminds me a lot of some of the woodcut art I've seen in Vermont and really adore) wished me a happy Groundhog Day. Accompanying it was a book that's been on my wish list for a long time (I think my secret pal is a mind reader!): Rowan Babies, by Kim Hargreaves. The designs in here are adorable--I am really looking forward to knitting them up!

Thank you, secret pal!

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Anonymous said...

that's a great book, enjoy!