Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 Knitting "Resolutions"

Well, I started to think about what I would resolve to do by way of knitting in 2008. And there are things I really want to do and hope to do, but there are only a couple things that I can firmly resolve to do. (I think!)

  • First and foremost, I totally agree with Ann: that I will make knitting a part of my life every day, even if it means just tidying up my yarn supply or organizing my needles.
  • More socks. I have acquired a lot of sock yarn in the last year. And after completing that first pair of socks (finally), I've decided that I actually LIKE knitting socks. Especially after I discovered the joys of Addi Turbos. So, that said, I cast-on a second pair of socks while in Illinois on Friday of last week (visiting Todd's sister) and got cranking on them. I am doing the gussets now. I don't think I can commit myself to a pair-a-month, but I do hope to get several pairs of socks done by the end of 2008.
  • Knit the cashmere stuff for me. As most of you know, I got this awesome cream-colored cashmere yarn back in November. I am going to make a scarf and some-sort-of-head-covering set for myself with the yarn. The scarf will most likely be this one, which is the same pattern as that fabulous purple one that Elizabeth knit. Head covering, ah, not so sure. Possibly a hat but I was also thinking a Calorimetry or some other sort of head-band thingie to cover my ears. I find that most hats overwhelm me.
  • Finish my mom's knit kimono. It's in merino wool, so hopefully before it gets hot here! I've got a good portion of the back panel done. It's just a lot of repetitive knitting, so my hands get tired.
  • Knit what will forevermore be called "Marsha's Sweater." Back over the summer, Marsha discovered this sweater pattern in a magazine of Rowan patterns. It's a lovely, wrap-tie sweater in a lattice pattern. Very detailed. Well, we decided that this would be the sweater we make for ourselves. I did some web surfing and found the yarn at a fairly decent price (Rowan Kid Classic). Of course, the pattern also calls for a non-US needle size, so I went and found those too (Size 10.75). Marsha knit her gauge swatch already. I have been a total Slacky McSlackerdoodle about getting my swatch done. But I RESOLVE to get it done. Honestly, the pattern makes me a little nervous. I feel that it is quite an undertaking for me, as it will be my first adult-sized real sweater. However, since I have a friend to commiserate with on it, I think I might just be ok. ;-)
So there you go!

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Marsha said...

Gina, I think you are being a little too hard on yourself. You haven't been a "Slacky McSlackerdoodle" about this sweater--just a Slacker McSlackerton about it. :)