Saturday, January 12, 2008

Secret Pal Information

Hi, Secret Pal'ing is fun, especially with a group like you!

I know that you know that I like to knit. But did you also know that I like to play games (cards, cribbage, board games) and work jigsaw puzzles. There's nothing like the feel of a brand new deck of cards in my hands! I like to walk, take a deep breath of fresh air, rake leaves, make snow angels, fly kites, pick up sea shells, skip rocks and stop for pedestrians in front of grocery stores.

I try not to accumulate too much stuff. That being said, I do collect cookie cutters. I'm trying to decide where I could post my database of all the coookies cutter shapes I own, any ideas Marsha?

Some of my favorite munchies are cashews, Frito-lay brand crunchy Cheetos, chocolate and pie - I won a pie eating contest in college and my birthday "cake" is usually a pie!

I avoid some things: smoke, mint, coffee, white chocolate, perfumy scented candles and shellfish. I like little things like pens, papers, notecards, pretty napkins and the Cooper Mini!

I hope this helps.


Marsha said...

Beth, if you want to share your cookie-cutter database with the rest of this group, I suggest creating a spreadsheet document at Then you can "share" the document with this group.

There are at least two advantages to using Google Docs over simply posting an Excel spreadsheet to your blog or e-mailing an Excel spreadsheet to this group.

(1) Not everyone has Excel, so using Google Docs enables everyone to view the document.

(2) Using Google Docs ensures that everyone sees the most up-to-date list. So every time you made a change to your database, whenever someone views it at Google Docs they'll see the current version.

(If your database is already in an Excel spreadsheet, you can easily import it into Google Docs.)

mellisande said...

beth - i did not know you enjoyed playing card games. i do too. i love cribbage and spent many (way too many) hours playing bridge at the Memorial Union at school. i just love to play games. maybe we can sneak off to a side table and play cribbage some night at B&N.