Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not really resolutions

I'm slow to the 2008 resolution posting but thought I'd share my
plans for the year.

First, I have a LOT of yarn at home. Most of it was bought for a
particular project. Looking through the stash, I still love most
of those projects.

This year, I will finish some of the almost-completed-UFOs. I
have more of them than I realized. They include 2 sweaters for
me. One of the two just need sleeves and MINIMAL finishing.
The other is a Kaffe Fassett intarsia project that'd be more
involved BUT that I'd LOVE to wear when done. The list also
includes at least 2 almost-completed winter hats and several
pairs of gloves or mittens. These are small things that should be
completed more quickly.

Here's the biggee, though. Pat, are you reading this?
...........I vow to make significant progress on my TKGA Master
Knitter designation this year. I've done most of the swatches
and reading/research/writing. I've bought yarn for a sweater
and hat and have ideas for both. I just need to knock that
out. Pat, are you with me???? :)

with you guys cheering me on, I'm sure I can get it done!
(she typed with new-year's-enthusiasm!)

happy knitting!


Marsha said...

Go go go you master knitter people! You can do it!

Katie J said...

I was a cheerleader in junior high. I'll search for my outfit. In the meantime... GooOooO Knitters!

mellisande said...

i could use some cheering to get me going on starting the first level. ann

Anonymous said...

You can do it, Ann! Rah rah rah! :)