Sunday, January 20, 2008

Questions about beverages

A few of us have mentioned being fond of coffee or tea, and I figured it would be nice to have all of our preferences in one place to make things easier for our secret pals. :)

Please answer (in the comments to this post) the following questions:

What kind of coffee do you like? (Fully loaded or decaf? Flavored or unflavored? Any particular roasts?)

What kind of tea do you like? (Fully loaded or decaf? Black or herbal? Any particular varieties?)

And not to assume that everyone here is keen on coffee or tea...

Are you especially fond of any non-coffee/non-tea beverages? (Hot chocolate? Certain beers? Particular wine varieties? Juices? Sparkling waters?)


Marsha said...

Coffee: Fully loaded, whole beans, unflavored, any roast but French.

Tea: Fully loaded, black. I am especially fond of Darjeeling.

Other: I do like me some hot chai with soy milk. I don't drink much beer, but when I do I prefer Guinness and lambics.

duraknit said...

Should you wish to know, dear SP:

coffee: fully loaded, ground for Melitta drip, unflavored, medium or light roast. French roast makes me feel like I just licked an ash tray. I'm devoted to Bucks County Coffee Roasters. Starbucks makes my stomach hurt.

tea: black and herbal. Strong rather than sweet. Rooibos yes; Constant Comment no. Darjeeling is good.

Hot chocolate: no. But if you already mailed me some, Rebecca will love it.

beer and wine: yes. Again, not sweet, for either (Stoudt makes one that's a strawberry-flavored beer, and that was nasty!). I like amber beers. Favorite is Saranac Lager. I like red wine and white wine, dry. And while we're on the subject, there's nothing as good as a gin & tonic on a muggy evening in July.


P.S. I tried to use nice bold type, like Marsha, but blogger insisted my tags weren't closed (they were)

Pshorten said...

Coffee: Decaf only caffine raises my BP numbers, any roast but French like Elizabeth french roast makes me feel like I licked an ashtray (couldn't have expressed it better).

Tea: Decaf Green or Black, plain with a tiny bit of sugar...really tiny. Red Rose is my favorite.

Other: Lemonade, love it.

Beer and Wine: Any fine Pilsner will do and dry Merlots are lovely.

Gina said...

Coffee: Yes. Leaded. Prefer already ground because I can't find my grinder. :-) Flavors: Hazlenut, Irish Cream. But I like unflavored just as well. Mexican and Kona are my favorites. And yeah, I don't like any dark or French roast either.

Tea: Yes. Love tea both hot and iced. I will drink anything. Seriously. Even catnip (which I have done but DON'T recommend).

Other: Not a fan of Hot Cocoa. Like beer enough. Favorite wines are Pinot Noir and Shiraz. I don't do the hard stuff, unless you count a sip of port every once in a blue moon.

dfs0716 said...

Coffee- Caffeinated, ground for automatic drip (our grinder died and I haven't replaced it), flavored or unflavored, darker roast. I drink it black. I love coffee.

Tea- I don't dislike tea but rarely drink it. If I do, I prefer non-caffeinated, non-sweet tea. I most often drink the peppermint tea in the office (when I've had too much coffee).

Other- I like diet root beer and diet Dr. Pepper as well as flavored and unflavored seltzer waters. I am not much of a beer drinker but do love Victory's Hop Devil. I like full-bodied red wines.

travlinruth said...

Coffee: I usually drink decaf, but don't mind drinking high test before 2 p.m. I like coffee but don't feel the need for the caffeine kick from it (get it from my lunch Diet Coke). At home I drink unflavored and black. At Wawa I get Hazelnut with a little Splenda and non-fat milk. At a Starbucks store, I always add Splenda and milk because the coffee is too strong.

Tea: I like a spiced tea or herbal spiced tea (with cinnamon, ginger and those spices). Also like Republic of China's Rain Forest herbal and their Cardamon Cinnamon.

Other: Am addicted to Diet Coke with a piece of fresh lemon. I like dry white wine, scotch, and an occasional beer (Yeungling).

Ruth S.

Anonymous said...

So I've tried sending this via e-mail (from 2 different anonymous e-mail addresses TO 2 different addresses) and via e-cards for a combined total of total of 4 times. Yes, FOUR. And nothing is getting through. Maybe it's my computer?
So, anyway since the internet is not cooperating, I'm posing this here.

Hello Ruth!

I noticed that you emailed the group mentioning that you have this alternate email address. So I will try to get a hold of you here at this address! I hope you get this!

I read the information you posted on the blog, which has been helpful! I know you said that there is nothing you have a burning desire for now, but I just wanted to check to see if there was anything at all that you've been thinking about trying or doing?

For instance, are there any yarns or books or patterns that you have been thinking about? Or any household items that you would like or clothes or accessories, etc?

I read that you have 2 cats, do you like cat-themed items, or are you not all about the felines?

Since you are an August baby, your birthstone is peridot. Do you like peridot or are you not into that color?

Do you like to read or do puzzles or anything like that? What interests you besides knitting?

Hope that's not too overwhelming!!

Anyway, just touching base with you. Hope you have a lovely day!

Secret Pal

travelinruth said...

To Ruth's Secret Pal:
Thank you for trying to contact me. I don't know what the trouble is. Could be with my computer, though, to the best of my knowledge, I've never set an spam programs. Would you let me know from which email providers (i.e., Yahoo, etc.) you were sending the emails. I'll contact Norton and see if they automatically have a blocker for that provider.

To answer your questions, the only thing I've thought about getting and haven't is the coffee press that Marsha (I think it was her) recommended last fall. There's nothing knittingwise I've been thinking of. I have no affinity for peridot. I love to do crossword puzzles and love drop earrings.

Hope the above helps.


Beth said...

Coffee: I do not drink much coffee only because I usually feel wired after drinking it. I love the smell of coffee.

Tea: I like decaf herbal teas, chamomile is my favorite.

Other: I like hot cocoa (especially after playing in the snow), lemonade and ice cold 2 %milk.

Marsha said...

FYI: The coffee press I recommended is the Aeropress. (Note that it comes with 350 single-use filters.)

Jan uses his Aeropress every day at work and loves it!

Anonymous said...

I've been using earthlink and yahoo to send anonymous e-mails.

Katie J said...

Coffee: I've virtually stopped drinking the stuff. It gives me an upset tummy, and makes me more chatty than usual. (How is that possible?)

Tea: I enjoy all kinds of tea, but I've been more into green and black these days. I like English Breakfast, Earl Grey and the Citron Green from Adagio teas is wonderful (Gina turned me on to this.) However, I have an enormous "stash" of tea right now.

Other: I love Kriek beers.

I'm with Elizabeh on a G&T on a balmy evening. Mmmmm....