Saturday, January 12, 2008

this secret pal business is creating interesting outlets and ways to find out interesting things about all of us. our knitting group is very interesting in its people and its dynamics. and i love it. i can't repeat often enough how grateful i am to be a part of this group. being with the group has never failed to lift my spirits. i have never felt judged or pressured or any of the other not-so-nice feelings that i often get in other groups. it is just pure fun. THANK YOU.

to answer the questions, i love earthy tones. my stable colors are brown and green. when i evented with my domino i rode in beige and hunter green and managed to find halters and blankets in those colors for my horse. now i only ride dressage, no jumping, and they're rather stuffy about only wearing black and white (if i ever get back into competition). but i love all variations of those earthy tones and purples. yet my closet is full of reds and blacks. go figure. orange is not a real good color for me.

i have a penchant for collecting just about anything. if i find something i love i keep getting more of it. i discovered tea and have a cabinet full of so many different flavors. but i enjoy them. i do have a small but nice collection of snuff bottles. my uncle's partner gave me one for some reason and then i found a couple on my trip to scotland. when jim died, he left me his snuff bottle collection. they're all rather oriental in style, jade and cloisenet (sp?) and my favorite is carved cinnabar. other than dusting them and thinking of jim each time i do - i was going to say they're rather useless but making me remember jim gives them great meaning.

i also collect animals but i'm trying to give that up because i'll need a kennel license soon.

when i live my perfect life it will be filled with lots of knitting - using up my stash - lots of walks with my dogs and rides with my horse all on my own 5-8 acres near the mountains with incrdible views, lots of curling up with a good book and not falling asleep, lots of opportunities to play games (i love cribbage, backgammon, bridge, trivial pursuit board games, but don't really know anyone else who does), lots of time to watch old movies and garden, lots of time to watch ballets preferrably with my daughter on the stage, and not a court reporting machine in sight.

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Katie J said...

Mike and I enjoy cribbage, trivial pursuit and Euchre. See? You're not alone.